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Komodo is RED's smallest and most affordable camera to date.  With 6K resolution, 16 stops of dynamic range, and global shutter Komodo packs an incredible amount of power in the palm of your hand.  When paired with the Nauticam housing, an easy to use and travel friendly cinema system is created.


Key Camera Specifications

  • 6K Super 35 Sensor (6144 x 3240)

  • R3D Files (REDCODE RAW)

  • Records to CFast 2.0 cards

  • Canon RF Lens Mount

  • Dual Battery Mount (Canon BP-955/975)

  • 12G SDI Out

  • Integrated LCD Screen with Touch Camera Control

  • Wireless Control From a Smart Phone

  • Global Shutter Mode

  • Anamorphic Options

Recording Formats:


  • 6144 x 3240 at 40 fps

  • 5120 x 2700 at 50 fps

  • 4096 x 2160 at 60 fps

  • 2048 x 1080 at 120 fps

·  ProRes 422/ProRes 422HQ

  • 4096 x 2160 up to 60 fps

  • ProRes 422

  • 2048 x 1080 up to 120 fps

The Komodo camera features a 6K Super 35 sensor with up to 16 stops of dynamic range.  R3D files (REDCODE RAW) can be recorded directly to CFast 2.0 cards, eliminating the need for expensive proprietary media.  It also features Canon's new RF mount with full support of the Canon EF to EOS R lens adaptor allowing a wide variety of focal lengths to be used.  Komodo is RED's smallest form-factor and most economically priced camera to-date.  The feature set is clearly aimed at those requiring professional level specs in a travel-friendly package, which accurately describes the majority of underwater filmmakers.  

Komodo摄(she)像机具备6K Super 35传感器,静态规模可到达16档(dang)。R3D文件(REDCODE RAW)能够间接存储到CFast 2.0卡中,比(bi)拟之前(qian)的(de)RED MINI-MAG存储卡本钱下降(jiang)良多(duo)。摄(she)像机接纳佳能RF卡口(kou)撑(cheng)持EF,PL多(duo)种(zhong)镜(jing)头(tou),短法兰距加倍适(shi)用。迄今为止,Komodo是RED尺寸最小,价钱最自制(zhi)的(de)拍(pai)照(zhao)机,针对那些须(xu)要(yao)专业级别规格的(de)专业用户(hu)而设想,表面玲(ling)珑便携的(de)特征也很是合适(shi)水下拍(pai)照(zhao)师利用。



The Nauticam Komodo housing is officially RED APPROVED.  The housing is engineered in a similar fashion to previous Epic LT and DSMC2 LT housings, providing the most compact and travel friendly system possible.  Komodo offers seamless integration with DSLR lenses and the same N120 port system used in Nauticam DSLR and Cinema systems.  Enjoy unmatched user friendly setup and intuitive operation including tool-less setup and tear down in minutes.  Batteries can be swapped without ever removing the camera from the housing, and lens changes can be accomplished in seconds.  

全(quan)新设(she)想的(de)(de)Komodo防水壳,表面(mian)近似于(yu)之前宣布(bu)的(de)(de)Epic LT 和DSMC2 LT防水壳, Komodo防水壳撑(cheng)持(chi)利用单反镜头(tou)及对应(ying)的(de)(de)N120卡(ka)口体(ti)系(xi)的(de)(de)相(xiang)干(gan)配(pei)件,表面(mian)玲(ling)珑便携很是轻易搭建一(yi)个功效周全(quan)的(de)(de)水下(xia)影(ying)象体(ti)系(xi)。Nauticam讲求人体(ti)工(gong)学的(de)(de)设(she)想理念让全(quan)部壳体(ti)的(de)(de)操纵都很是直观疾速,无(wu)(wu)需额定的(de)(de)东(dong)西能(neng)够疾速的(de)(de)装置和装配(pei)产物。改(gai)换电池也(ye)无(wu)(wu)需将摄(she)像机(ji)从壳体(ti)内部掏出,改(gai)换镜头(tou)也(ye)只须要几秒钟。

The Nauticam Komodo housing uses the N120 Cinema port system, shared with Nauticam's other N120 platform cameras which allows for easy transition to the Nauticam Komodo from other N120 Nauticam systems. The N120 system also provides access to Nauticam's line of professional premium optics such as the WACP-1/2 and SMC-1/2.

The housing also features adjustable handles with easy access to the cinema style zoom and focus knobs.  On top of the housing is a 1/4"-20 cheese plate which allows for a wide variety of accessory mounting points.

The Nauticam Komodo is also backed by Nauticam's 2 year warranty.

NA- Komodo防水(shui)壳(qiao)利用N120影视(shi)机系列卡口体系,与(yu)单反(fan)系列的(de)N120卡口体系同享(xiang)配件,便利已有(you)N120卡口体系的(de)客户(hu)轻松过渡利用NA-Komodo。N120卡口体系还撑持利用Nauticam专(zhuan)业的(de)水(shui)下光学产物,如WACP-1/2和SMC-1/2。




NA- Komodo一(yi)样(yang)享有Nauticam官方的(de)两年质保期(非报(bao)酬(chou)身分)。



The Komodo features a Canon RF lens mount, but currently RED is only offering support of Canon EF lenses.  The Nauticam Komodo housing offers full support of the Canon EF to EOS R Adaptor along with the Canon EF to EOS R Adaptor with Variable ND Filter.  The left side of the housing features an easily accessible command wheel for smooth ND changes.  Once RED releases RF lens support, the Nauticam Komodo housing will be ready and fully compatible.   Regardless of EF or RF lens selection, changing lenses is quick, easy and doesn't require any tools.  Note that when changing between RF and EF lenses, the camera must be removed from the housing to remove or install the RF to EF adapter.  Nauticam is constantly testing new lenses to provide optimized port and extension combinations. Large cinema-styled control wheels on the housing, located within easy reach of the handles, provide precise manual focus and zoom control with supported lenses when used with the corresponding lens gear set. 

Not being limited to using DSLR lenses is crucial for cinema systems and the Nauticam Komodo housing, when used with the 16410 N120 to N200 Port Adapter can support the use of Cinema Lenses and the associated N200 Port System.  Installation is quick, easy and requires no tools allowing seamless lens switching in the field - even when changing between DSLR and Cinema lenses.

Komodo摄像机接(jie)纳(na)佳能(neng)RF镜(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)卡(ka)口,但今朝RED仅撑持佳能(neng)EF卡(ka)口镜(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)。Nauticam Komodo防(fang)(fang)水(shui)壳(qiao)(qiao)撑持利(li)(li)用Canon EF至(zhi)EOS R的转接(jie)环及带有可调滤镜(jing)(jing)Canon EF至(zhi)EOS R的转接(jie)环。防(fang)(fang)水(shui)壳(qiao)(qiao)左边有一个易(yi)于操纵的拨盘,能(neng)够安(an)稳(wen)顺畅的调理滤镜(jing)(jing)。当RED开放RF镜(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)的撑持后,Nauticam Komodo防(fang)(fang)水(shui)壳(qiao)(qiao)也(ye)会更新(xin)保(bao)障兼(jian)容性(xing)。不管挑(tiao)(tiao)选EF镜(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)仍(reng)是RF镜(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou),改换(huan)镜(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)都(dou)很是疾速便(bian)利(li)(li),不须要(yao)任何其余帮助东西。须要(yao)注重的是当在RF和EF镜(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)之间切换(huan)时,必须将Komodo机身从外(wai)壳(qiao)(qiao)上卸下能(neng)力装(zhuang)置(zhi)或(huo)装(zhuang)配(pei)RF至(zhi)EF的转接(jie)环。为(wei)了(le)供(gong)给更多挑(tiao)(tiao)选,Nauticam一向在测试(shi)新(xin)镜(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou),也(ye)会延(yan)续(xu)更新(xin)供(gong)客(ke)户参(can)考(kao)。机身两侧设想(xiang)了(le)影(ying)视机气概的旋钮,搭配(pei)响应的镜(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)齿轮组时,供(gong)给切确的手动对焦和变焦节制。



The Komodo has a built-in monitor on top of the camera.  The Nauticam Komodo does feature a large window for using the Komodo's built in monitor to be used for an extremely streamlined solution.  If an additional monitoring option is required, the Atomos Shinobi SDI monitor is an ideal lightweight monitoring solution for the RED Komodo.  The Shinobi Monitor Back option Komodo Housing supports the use of the Atomos Shinobi SDI monitor inside rear of the housing allowing the monitor to be viewed by the camera operator from a natural filming position.  The monitor back features control buttons for the on-screen buttons of the Shinobi. 

Komodo拍(pai)照机的(de)(de)(de)顶部设想有(you)显(xian)现屏(ping),NA-KOMODO防水(shui)壳(qiao)一样有(you)一个大(da)的(de)(de)(de)“窗口”与(yu)之对应。Atomos Shinobi是很(hen)(hen)是合适与(yu)RED Komod搭配利(li)用的(de)(de)(de)抱负监(jian)督(du)器(qi)(qi),NA-KOMODO防水(shui)壳(qiao)也一样撑持利(li)用Atomos Shinobi监(jian)督(du)器(qi)(qi),拍(pai)照师能够很(hen)(hen)天然(ran)的(de)(de)(de)从壳(qiao)体前面(mian)来检(jian)查(cha)监(jian)督(du)器(qi)(qi),监(jian)督(du)器(qi)(qi)从壳(qiao)体的(de)(de)(de)后部在很(hen)(hen)天然(ran)的(de)(de)(de)角度来检(jian)查(cha)监(jian)督(du)器(qi)(qi),显(xian)现器(qi)(qi)反面(mian)也有(you)一排按键对应Atomos Shinobi显(xian)现屏(ping)上的(de)(de)(de)操(cao)纵。



The Atomos Shinobi SDI monitor can also be mounted in the external Nauticam NA-Shinobi-S housing and connected via SDI bulkheads and cables allowing greater flexibility when positioning the monitor on the Nauticam Komodo housing. 

Atomos Shinobi监督器/显现屏搭配Nauticam NA-Shinobi-S监督器防(fang)水(shui)壳(qiao),撑持SDI接口毗连(lian)电缆(lan)线(xian)材(cai),零(ling)丁设置(zhi)装备摆设监督器防(fang)水(shui)壳(qiao)装置(zhi)在KONODO防(fang)水(shui)壳(qiao)内(nei)部利用上会加倍(bei)矫捷(jie)便利。


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