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新品宣布 | Nauticam NA-R5相机防水壳




The Canon EOS R5 is the latest in Canon's full-frame mirrorless camera lineup which has gained unprecedented demand.  It features the RF lens mount which has the same large 54mm diameter but the ability to have larger rear lens elements that are closer to the sensor gives increased corner and outer edge sharpness. 

佳能EOS R5作为佳能全画(hua)幅无反(fan)(fan)相(xiang)(xiang)机系(xi)列(lie)中的(de)(de)最新产物取(qu)得(de)了史无前例(li)的(de)(de)存眷。相(xiang)(xiang)机接(jie)纳的(de)(de)RF卡(ka)口(kou)具有着54mm的(de)(de)卡(ka)口(kou)直径,无反(fan)(fan)光镜的(de)(de)设想延(yan)长(zhang)后端镜片到(dao)图(tu)象感到(dao)器的(de)(de)间隔(ge),更(geng)轻易节制像差(cha)对画(hua)质的(de)(de)影象,使画(hua)面的(de)(de)的(de)(de)边缘加(jia)倍的(de)(de)锋利。

The R5 uses an all new 45MP CMOS sensor with in-body image stabilization which can reduce shake by up to 8 stops.  The camera's Dual Pixel autofocus system uses 1053 autofocus points across the entire frame.   It is also capable of recording 8K video at 24p or 30p and 4K at up to 120p. 

EOS R5有着4500万像素的(de)(de)全画幅CMOS传感器,内置机身(shen)防抖(dou)(dou)功效最高8级防抖(dou)(dou)结果。全像素双核CMOS AF II对(dui)焦(jiao)手(shou)艺。在“脸部+追踪”形式(shi)下,相机可按照被摄体地位从最多1053个(ge)主动(dong)对(dui)焦(jiao)框中主动(dong)挑选,记实8K RAW、Canon Log、HDR PQ和119.88P/100P的(de)(de)4K高帧频短片等。

The EOS R5 can also use the large EF-mount lens lineup via three optional adapters, a simple EF to R adapter, one which supports the customizable control ring and another that features a drop-in filter mount.

EOS R5还能(neng)够(gou)经(jing)由过程三款(kuan)EF卡口转RF卡口镜(jing)(jing)头转接环来利(li)用EF镜(jing)(jing)头,一款(kuan)根本版本、一款(kuan)装备自界(jie)说节制环的版本,和一款(kuan)可内置(zhi)滤镜(jing)(jing)的版本。

Key Camera Specifications

  • 45MP full-frame Dual Pixel CMOS sensor

  • 8K Video, with option for RAW or 10-bit 4:2:2 C-log or HDR PQ

  • Up to 4K/120p, or oversampled 4K up to 30p

  • 100% coverage Dual Pixel II AF system

  • 12 fps / 20 fps burst (mechanical / electronic shutter)

  • 5.76M-dot OLED EVF with 120fps max refresh rate

  • 3.2" 2.1M-dot fully articulating touchscreen

  • 10-bit HDR photos in HEIF format

  • 1x CFExpress slot, 1x UHS-II SD slot

  • Weather sealing


Nauticam NA-R5 相机防水壳

The NA-R5 underwater housing follows suit with Nauticam's drive for innovation. Both the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R present shooters with the ability to use both the available legacy EF lenses via an adapter in addition to their native RF optics.  To support both the legacy and native lenses, Nauticam has integrated the NA-R5 into the N120 port system. Canon's EF to RF mount adapters can be affixed to the camera before insertion into the housing. When using the EOS R5 inside the housing with the adapter and a supported EF lens, the port and extension ring arrangement will be identical to the same setup on a Nauticam Canon N120 DSLR. As the RF lens lineup emerges, dedicated port and extension ring combinations will be listed on the Port Chart. Two lens release buttons, one for RF and one for EF lenses used with the optional Canon adapter, are located on the front of the housing to make lens removal through the port opening simple.

NA-R5防(fang)水(shui)壳(qiao)(qiao)遵(zun)守了(le)Nauticam的(de)(de)(de)(de)(de)立(li)异设(she)想(xiang),佳能(neng)EOS R5和(he)EOS R都(dou)能(neng)够经由过程(cheng)转接环(huan)(huan)利用(yong)(yong)原生RF镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou)和(he)传统的(de)(de)(de)(de)(de)EF镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou),为了(le)兼(jian)容两款镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou),Nauticam将NA-R5并入了(le)N120端口(kou)体(ti)系。佳能(neng)的(de)(de)(de)(de)(de)EF到RF转接环(huan)(huan)须(xu)要先装(zhuang)配在相机机身(shen)上(shang),再放入防(fang)水(shui)壳(qiao)(qiao)内。EOS R5搭(da)配转接环(huan)(huan)利用(yong)(yong)EF镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou)时(shi),适配的(de)(de)(de)(de)(de)镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou)罩及(ji)延长环(huan)(huan)能(neng)够参考N120 Canon EF镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou)的(de)(de)(de)(de)(de)设(she)置(zhi)(zhi)装(zhuang)备(bei)摆(bai)设(she)图表。当合(he)用(yong)(yong)原生RF镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou)时(shi),则参考公用(yong)(yong)的(de)(de)(de)(de)(de)N120 Canon RF镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou)设(she)置(zhi)(zhi)装(zhuang)备(bei)摆(bai)设(she)图表(镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou)设(she)置(zhi)(zhi)装(zhuang)备(bei)摆(bai)设(she)图表可阅(yue)读giahelenkeller.com取得)。防(fang)水(shui)壳(qiao)(qiao)前壳(qiao)(qiao)上(shang)设(she)想(xiang)了(le)两个镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou)开(kai)释(shi)按钮,别离对应RF和(he)EF镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou),便利畴前壳(qiao)(qiao)的(de)(de)(de)(de)(de)启齿处(chu)操纵(zong)改换镜(jing)(jing)(jing)(jing)头(tou)(tou)(tou)(tou)。


Nauticam engineers are obsessed with getting the underwater image maker unfettered access to all the necessary controls, with as many within easy reach of the ergonomic rubberized handles. This Mission Control philosophy extends to the NA-R5 where a dual thumb lever and dual sub-lever are placed by the right handle. The upper thumb lever activates the "AF-On" and the lower the "Q" buttons while the sub-lever corresponds to the "M-Fn" and "Record" buttons. Near the left handle is a thumb lever for "Playback" as well as a dedicated switch to change from using LCD to the EVF.

Nauticam工程(cheng)(cheng)师努力于让水下拍照师能够不受限定地操(cao)纵相机上(shang)(shang)一(yi)(yi)切(qie)功效,经(jing)由(you)过程(cheng)(cheng)人体工程(cheng)(cheng)学设想的(de)(de)手柄能轻松涉及(ji)这(zhei)些(xie)关头(tou)控件(jian)。这(zhei)些(xie)极致的(de)(de)追乞降(jiang)设想理念也在NA-R5防水壳(qiao)上(shang)(shang)得以表现。比方右侧的(de)(de)手柄处(chu)对应(ying)一(yi)(yi)个(ge)(ge)双拇指(zhi)拨(bo)杆(gan)和(he)两(liang)个(ge)(ge)副(fu)拨(bo)杆(gan)。上(shang)(shang)方的(de)(de)拨(bo)杆(gan)用(yong)来(lai)节制“ AF-On”,下方对应(ying)“ Q”按(an)钮(niu),而(er)副(fu)拨(bo)杆(gan)对应(ying)操(cao)纵利用(yong)“ M-Fn”和(he)“ Record”按(an)钮(niu)。左手柄四周是一(yi)(yi)个(ge)(ge)用(yong)来(lai)操(cao)纵“Playback”的(de)(de)拇指(zhi)拨(bo)杆(gan),和(he)一(yi)(yi)个(ge)(ge)公用(yong)将LCD切(qie)换到EVF的(de)(de)开关。


Large knurled and rubberized control dials access the camera's "main" and "sub" command dials. The two-stage trigger allows for smooth focus and firing activation. Additional buttons for "Menu", "Focus Point Selection" and others are also easily reached from the handles.

橡胶材质的节制(zhi)拨(bo)盘可拜候相机(ji)的“主”和(he)“副”号(hao)令(ling)拨(bo)盘。两段(duan)式触(chu)发器(qi)可完成(cheng)安稳对焦和(he)触(chu)发激(ji)活。"Menu", "Focus Point Selection" 等按钮也能够从手柄(bing)处轻(qing)松达(da)到。

An additional control wheel is located on the left side of the housing and will interface with the control ring on the supported EF to EOS R Mount Adapter with Control Ring using the optional gear (PN 19561).

防(fang)水(shui)壳左边(bian)设(she)想了(le)一个节制旋钮(niu),经(jing)由过(guo)程选配节制齿轮(lun)(PN 19561)能够(gou)与所撑持的EF转(zhuan)(zhuan)EOS R卡(ka)口的转(zhuan)(zhuan)接环停止对接。


Flash triggering is achieved via one of two optional Flash Triggers, a manual LED trigger (PN 26301) or a TTL Flash Trigger (PN 26321) that use the built-in fiber optic bulkheads with optional fiber-optic cables to trigger supported strobes. For controlling strobes that do not support fiber optic flash triggering, a variety of legacy hot-shoe flash control bulkheads are available.



The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection electronics are shipped with the NA-R5 as standard equipment. Combined with an accessory vacuum valve this monitoring system provides constant updates on the water tight and safe-to-dive status of the housing. A simple color coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the vacuum is solid, or that the housing is losing vacuum. Leak detection is built into the same circuit, so if there is water intrusion, an audible and visual indication will occur.

The Nauticam system is temperature compensated, eliminating false alarms caused by a change in outside temperature, or from a camera heating up on an action packed dive.








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